W Dance & Fitness (WDF) is a dance school and fitness studio in Tauranga, New Zealand.  Created by previous dance company owner, WDF aims to create an artistic and holistic experience for dancers of all ages to delve into creative expression through dance and grow their dance talents. W Dance & Fitness - services


At W  Dance  & Fitness we specialize in Contemporary and Jazz dance .  Our classes do however include general ballet technique and barre work.  We use these styles as a way of  teaching students the fundamentals of  dancing by incorporating  principal techniques and movements to help the dancers develop to their fullest potential. 

It is also important for us that dancers do not lose touch with their artistic capabilities. Dancing is an artform used for creative expression and should find a healthy balance between strict technique  and letting go and enjoying the experience. At WDF we aim to develop dancers in an artistic and technical manner. 

Our classes are kept small to ensure each one of our dancers  get ample attention and are able to improve.

AGES 5-6

- Contemporary Jazz

AGES 7-9

- Contemporary Jazz

AGES 10-13

- Contemporary Jazz

AGES 14-18

- Contemporary Jazz

- Commercial

- Junior Performance Group*

ADULT (18+)

- Beginner Contemporary Jazz

- Intermediate Contemporary Jazz

- Advanced Contemporary Jazz

- Beginner Commercial

- Intermediate-Advanced Commercial


- Choreography

- Private Lessons

- Collaborative Projects


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