W Dance & Fitness (WDF) is a dance school and fitness studio in Tauranga, New Zealand.  Created by previous dance company owner, WDF aims to create an artistic and holistic experience for dancers of all ages to delve into creative expression through dance and grow their dance talents. W Dance & Fitness - about


W Dance & Fitness (WDF) is a new and exciting studio that caters for dancers of ALL ages and ALL levels of dancing. Created by previous dance company owner, WDF aims to teach those who are eager to learn. The studio provides classes that are fun and ever-changing along with the dancers growing capabilities and are structured to provide the best training for the students.

WDF also offers a range of fitness options focused on dancers, as well as the general population with options of group/small group classes to private sessions. Physical health is such an important aspect that we firmly support and ensure all our clients and dancers are able to carry out their daily activities and performances with ease, strength, and confidence.

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Wynand Claassen

  • 16 Years Dance Experience
  • 7 Years Training Experience
  • Previous Dance Company and Fitness Studio Owner
  • Bachelors Degree in Sport Science
  • Honours Degree in Biokinetics


" Wynand is extremely talented and knowledgeable in this field! I took part in his body conditioning and dance classes which transformed my mind and body. I would not recommend anyone else."

"I started dancing with Wynand at the beginning of 2019. My first day was spent in the open class where Wynand choreographed an awesome Jazz routine.  I have learned so many  new dance styles, movements and ways to exercise your body which I have never experienced before.  Wynand always brought an energetic passion  and atmosphere to the room which inspired me  to dance everytime and work harder. I experienced so many unforgettable dance memories with Wynand ."

"Wynand is  an extremely talented, hardworking dancer and coach. His love and passion for dance shines through in his stunning choreography, performances as well as  every single class.  An extensive knowledge of dance combined with an honours degree in Biokinetics allows him to train  and push dancers to the best of their abilities., without overtraining them or letting them do exercises that actually cause injuries (which is what a lot of strict dance teachers do). He plans every lesson ahead and always keeps the technique and body conditioning classes interesting and fun, whilst being very educational (yet tiring!). Anyone who is willing to listen, work hard, and apply Wynand's tips and corrections can rest asured that they will transform into a beautiful dancer."

" Wynand is not only an amazing choreopgrapher but a true artist. He choreographs  dances to each person's strengths and abilities. As a working mom training is not always easy but Wynand pushed me to reach not only my best flexibility level but also the best shape i've been in through his body conditioning  and personal training classes. He also assists with training routines that you can do anywhere which helps especially when you travel. Age is no limit here! Be ready to be transformed and have a lot of fun!"

"Being part of Wynand's dance company was a complete life  changing experience for me. I can guarantee  you will make memories that will last a lifetime. He builds a dance family where everybody feels welcome and at home. His passion for dancing and music is inspiring and shine's through each and every brilliant routine. Besides his mind-blowing talent and unique style, his extra velocity of his dance  choreography makes  him a rarity. Wynand will always encourage you  to do your best and with a willing heart that is up for hard  work and complete dedication, you will be able to reach any goal that you set for yourself with his classes and guidance. He is an authentic and briliiant choreographer, combined with a magnificent dancer. Any dancer would be lucky to have him as a teacher."

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